Property Investments

Property investments can diversify your portfolio and provide a lucrative passive income. These real estate investments serve as a supplemental cash flow, bolster retirement savings, and provide consistent appreciation for a great return on investment.
Before investing in real estate, determine which type of property you’re hoping to invest in. Whether it’s rental homes, fix and flips, condominiums, apartment buildings, or commercial spaces, SD Equity Partners provides property investors with the hard money loans they need to acquire their desired property opportunity.

Property Investing in San Diego

Are you considering investing in real estate in San Diego? Now is the time to strike. As the population continues to rise, property value continues to increase. Homes have been steadily appreciating for the past several years, and this trend is expected to continue.
San Diego County is highly populated, and it’s important to be prepared with pre-qualification from a trusted lender before beginning your property search. As the real estate market is competitive, having access to immediate capital is essential when shopping for real estate investments in San Diego.

Financing a Real Estate Investment

Whether you’re pursuing a rental property or looking into flipping a house to sell it for a profit in a short amount of time, procuring the right financing is vital. Banks often only loan to property investors looking to make a long-term investment. Borrowers seeking rehab loans are often turned away by traditional lenders. This makes hard money lenders and private lending companies a strategic financing method for many real estate investors.
Hard money loans help borrowers acquire the financing they need to act quickly, providing the flexibility real estate investors need to capture once-in-a-lifetime real estate investment opportunities. While traditional loans can take months to procure, SD Equity Partners provides our clients with the loans they need within weeks.
11852044 - couple in real-estate agency signing property loan contractUnlike bank loans, your ability to secure hard money real estate investment financing isn’t based on creditworthiness. We can help those with less-than-stellar credit procure the funds they need; traditional lending sources will turn away borrowers that don’t exhibit great credit and have a proven history of real estate success. With our hard money loans, the property in question serves as collateral for the loan.
We’ve worked with novice house flippers, seasoned real estate pros, and real estate investors everywhere in between. With years of experience, our team of professionals can provide you with the knowledge and expertise needed to guide your real estate financing process.

Fix and Flip Property Investments

Fix and flip ventures have become a popular form of real estate investing. SD Equity Partners works to help fund the revitalization of San Diego neighborhoods by providing our borrowers with quick access to the capital their projects require. We offer short-term loans that provide immediate funds for financing an investment project. Often called bridge loans, these types of loans are popular with house flippers and real estate developers who wish to renovate dilapidated and rundown homes, then sell it for a profit within a 12-month period. As banks and traditional lenders often won’t provide financing for such ventures, SD Equity Partners can help you secure immediate financing to enable you to jump on opportunities as they arise.
Looking to get involved in real estate investing in San Diego? SD Equity Partners offers a team of professionals prepared to help our clients procure the loans they need to pursue property investment opportunities. Time is of the essence when it comes to real estate property investments, so let us help you make your vision a reality with immediate funding and flexible terms.




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