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Hard Money Lenders Los Angeles 

Looking for Los Angeles hard money loans? SD Equity Partners is the premier Los Angeles hard money lender. Based in San Diego, we provide financing for San Diego and Los Angeles investors. As a direct hard money lender in Los Angeles, we specialize in hard money loans in Southern California.

Hard money loans are quick to access and tend to be more flexible than conventional financing options. Real estate investors acquire these funds in situations where time is of the essence. This asset-based financing sees a borrower accessing funds secured by equity in real estate.


Approval Process is Based on Equity, Not Credit 

We base our approval processes on the equity in question, as opposed to your financial situation, credit score, or prior experiences. Thanks to increasingly tight restrictions on traditional loans and mortgages, private money loans are becoming more popular with investors of all experience levels and ages. We have immediate access to multiple sources of capital allows us to provide immediate funding for a variety of real estate acquisitions.

Our team of seasoned professionals is dedicated to helping investors who are passionate about real estate in their efforts to redevelop Los Angeles neighborhoods. We provide our clients with the opportunity to transform old, rundown properties into modern oases. 

SD Equity Partners provides millions of dollars in California hard money loans for real estate investors throughout Los Angeles and San Diego. Our loan program is designed to expedite the application and approval process, ensuring our clients can close their purchases in a short window of time. We make the application process fast and easy, with many clients acquiring their financing within a week’s time. We offer simple application, flexible loan terms, and expedited approval process to guarantee our clients hassle-free financing.


Hard Money Loans in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Investment Properties

Los Angeles hard money loans go by several names:

Despite the slight difference in loan types, hard money loans are all backed by the same type of funding. Our asset-based funding is designed to help clients access the financing they need when they need it. We’re the smart choice for any investor or entrepreneur looking to finance a real estate transaction.

SD Equity Partners provides Los Angeles hard money loans that are secured by real estate. If you own real estate property and are in need of immediate financing, our team of seasoned professionals can help you acquire the essential capital within just a few days or weeks. We’re the trusted Los Angeles hard money lender and our clients can depend on our reliable financing and professional guidance.

With years of experience in aiding clients, we can offer the guidance and finance you need to make your real estate transaction successful. Our Los Angeles hard money loans are funded with private investor capital from multiple sources and secured by residential and commercial properties throughout California.

Types of Los Angeles “Hard Money” Properties

What Types of Properties Does SD Equity Partners Lend On?

Our clients can acquire hard money loans for a variety of real estate transactions. While SD Equity Partners specializes in residential hard money loans, we also lend on a variety of other properties:

  • commercial real estate.
  • Single-family homes
  • Multi-unit condos,
  • Fix and flip properties
  • Auction properties

SD Equity Partners is one of the few los angeles hard money lender dedicated to helping you access funding for real estate business endeavors.

In pursuit of a hard money loan for a fix and flip property? Perhaps you’re in search of financing for an auction property. With years of experience, we know how important it is for our clients to get the money they need fast; real estate opportunities come and go in the blink of an eye, and having a reliable source of expedient funding is vital to business success.

Looking to invest in commercial properties? Access the funding you need with SD Equity Partners’ simple hard money lending process. Whether you’re interested in acquiring a multi-family rental property or retail space, industrial building or hospitality property, we have years of experience in a multitude of real estate disciplines. We’re well-versed in commercial property acquisition, and understand the needs of entrepreneurs, investors, and business owners.


Where to Invest in Los Angeles & LA County?

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Investors have a multitude of investment opportunity in Los Angeles County. Whether you’re looking to fix and flip and single-family home, invest in a multi-unit apartment complex, or acquire commercial real estate in Los Angeles, there are numerous cities and neighborhoods to choose from.

From rehab-ready properties in Silver Lake and Los Feliz to commercial properties in downtown LA, securing the right amount of financing for your preferred market area is vital. If you’re a first-time flipper or home buyer, securing the financing in Los Angeles can be difficult.

Hard money lending provides flexibility and efficiency for investors looking to redevelop Los Angeles neighborhoods. Timeliness is an integral facet of real estate acquisition, and we know turning an investment into lucrative profit means quick access to funding. Make your real estate dreams a reality with Los Angeles hard money loans from SD Equity Partners. Find reasonable rates on essential private money loans and get started on your real estate ventures today.

Why You Should Invest in Los Angeles Real Estate

In the years following the housing bubble burst of 2008, home-ownership plummeted. After almost a decade, the market has righted itself, and home prices are beginning to rise at much quicker rates. As the Millennial population floods the real estate market, home-ownership rates are starting to rise, and home prices will increase further.

Savvy investors are currently buying up properties to capitalize on available homes before inventory is depleted. If you’ve been considering a foray into the world of fix and flips, the market is rife with opportunity.

Thanks to high rates of competition in Los Angeles, finding the right property can be akin to sniffing out a needle in a haystack. When the right property comes up, you need to be prepared to place an offer immediately. That’s where SD Equity Partners comes in. We can help you access the right financing under the right terms with immediacy to ensure you can nab the property of your fix and flip dreams. Find reasonable rates and fantastic terms, then get started on a home rehab within just a few weeks’ time.


Investing with Los Angeles Hard Money Loans

home investment in LA

Looking for a lucrative investment property? Individuals, corporations, and partnerships can invest with SD Equity Partners. You can earn higher rewards on your investment and procure fantastic return rates. Many investors choose to grow with us for a variety of reasons. We understand what it takes to be successful in real estate, and offer higher returns secured by real properties.

This hands-off investment can be extremely profitable, and our team of seasoned professionals are skilled in real estate funding decisions. If you’re looking to diversify your investment portfolio and make more money, let our team do the work for you. With a team working diligently to mitigate potential risks, your investment is in good hands with SD Equity Partners.

We lend to companies that primarily rehab single family homes, and your investments are secured by the real estate trust deeds.


Get Approved for a Los Angeles Hard Money Loan

How Do I Get Approved for a Los Angeles Hard Money Loan?

If you’ve ever been turned down by a bank or traditional lender, you know the application process for real estate transaction loans can be tedious and challenging. SD Equity Partners works to alleviate the stress and struggle previously inherent to real estate investment financing. Our clients enjoy easy loan application processes, quick processing time, and easy acquisition. With our streamlined process, our investors can make more with their money and capitalize on fleeting opportunities that might have otherwise slipped by.

If you’re seeking a hard money loan in Los Angeles, we’ll help you acquire the financing that best suits your needs and circumstances.

Loan Appliction Process

Our hard money loan application process bases approval on the equity of the property in question. We provide hard money loans in Los Angeles to individuals to invest in a variety of real estate acquisitions. Whether you’re looking to invest in a single-family home, multi-unit apartment complex, or commercial real estate building, our approval processes are designed to provide opportunity for even those investors with bankruptcies, foreclosures or low credit.

Our equity-based Los Angeles hard money loan process has provided important financing to individuals who previously found themselves unable to secure funding from traditional financial institutions. SD Equity Partners is committed to helping our clients access the capital needed for a promising investment opportunity, regardless of past financial circumstances.

Income and credit problems shouldn’t preclude you from pursuing a lucrative investment. SD Equity Partners is proud to provide Los Angeles hard money loans that can be put towards reinvigorating Los Angeles neighborhoods. We don’t based our lending approval on situations that may normally preclude a client from securing financing. Even if you have a foreclosure or short sale in your history, are going through a divorce, or have poor credit, you can find hard money loans from SD Equity Partners.

SD Equity Partners is committed to ensuring each of our clients receives a Los Angeles hard money loan based on their individual circumstances, with their best interests in mind. We structure private money loans on a case by case basis to ensure your loan terms are suited to your current situation. As a direct hard money lender in Los Angeles, we can provide bridge loans for short-term periods and can provide up to 100 percent financing.


Los Angeles Fix and Flip Loans 

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The Los Angeles real estate market offers a bevy of opportunities for investors looking to flip a home. Rehabbing homes has become a lucrative property investment opportunity for many of our clients. Flipping a home means purchasing a rundown home below market price, then providing strategic upgrades and selling the refinished home for a profit.

Whether you’re a novice or experienced home flipper, we can provide the hard money loans in Los Angeles you need to acquire the right property. It can be extremely difficult to secure traditional financing for fix and flip ventures. Banks and traditional lenders have tightened the reins on lending processes in the years following the recession; most won’t lend on a fix and flip venture because they prefer to finance properties intended to be held for years to come.

As most fix and flip properties are renovated and sold within a year after purchase date, short-term loans are a better choice for home rehab investors. However, short-term loans don’t allow traditional lenders to make money on interest paid over time, meaning they can be hard to find.

Properties in Los Angeles can move quickly, and investors looking to acquire a competitive property need financing much quicker than traditional lenders can provide. Our short-term private money loans allow our clients to jump on a property opportunity as it presents itself.

Our loans provide flexible terms and quick acquisition, making them the smart funding choice for entrepreneurs interested in Los Angeles house flipping. We’ve worked with first-time flippers and experienced fix and flip professionals. We understand every aspect of the flipping process and can provide you with guidance from start to finish.


Fast Hard Money Loans in LA

The real estate industry is extremely time sensitive, and traditional lending processes can take months. Have you previously been turned down by the bank or traditional lenders? Let SD Equity Partners make your real estate business aspirations a reality. We won’t deny you based on your credit score, and we’re not interested in your past financial situation. With asset-based funding, we can finance you regardless of your credit or past experiences.

If you need a loan quickly, we’re your source for immediate financing. Traditional lending programs can take months to process; our hard money loans can often be distributed within just a few days. The Los Angeles real estate market can be competitive, and in many real estate transactions, time is of the essence. We understand that a quick and efficient loan process is vital for clients looking to get in on a great deal that won’t last long. Our Los Angeles hard money loan applications are assessed quickly. Simply fill out our simple application process and get pre-approved for hard money loans within a day’s time. Immediate access to private funding can ensure you are able to jump on an opportunity when it presents itself.


A Reputable Los Angeles Hard Money Lender

SD Equity Partners has given hundreds of real estate professionals, borrowers, and mortgage brokers the financing they need to fund upcoming real estate transactions. Whether you’re a novice real estate investor or you’ve acquired numerous of years of real estate success, you can trust us to provide guidance and funding for your next real estate venture.

With numerous satisfied clients and millions of dollars funded, SD Equity Partners has a proven reputation of trustworthiness and reliability. We serve the hard money lending needs of real estate investors and professionals in Los Angeles and beyond. With proficiency and years of experience in hard money lending in California, our unique approach of financing with multiple sources of capital provides measures of speed and flexibility that traditional financial institutions simply can’t provide.

SD Equity Partners is experienced in providing investors with the capital needed to transform a dilapidated property into a modern home buyer’s dream house. We are committed to helping our investors reap big rewards from their rehabbed properties throughout Los Angeles and beyond. Capitalize on large returns and maximize your profits with private money funding from SD Equity Partners.

Whether you’re interested in acquiring a commercial real estate property or hope to launch a home flipping business, we can help you navigate the loan process with ease. We are dedicated to ensuring our clients access the capital needed to begin their real estate transactions as soon as possible, and have streamlined our application and approval process to increase efficiency and expedite financing relief.

Call SD Equity Partners today and have any question answered. Learn more about Los Angeles hard money loans and begin working on your real estate business aspirations today.

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