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Who do you lend to?

We lend to companies whose primary business is rehabbing single family, residential real estate. If you are that…apply now. If you want to learn how to lend your money for a higher ROI then click below.

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How long does it take to get a hard money loan?

If you give us information that is complete and accurate it can take as little as 7 days to have money in your hands. Start the application process.

Investing your money with us means you could start earning higher ROIs right away. Secure your investment with us in a little as 7 days.

How is my investment secured?

Your investment is secured by the real estate trust deed(s) to the properties you invest in. You get higher returns and more peace of mind. Start here.

What are the possible risks?

We’re here to grow your investment, and we work hard to mitigate the risks involved. For more information about trust deed investing best practices, please download this BRE document: Trust Deed Investing

Who can invest invest with SD Equity Partners?

Individuals, partnerships, corporations and other legal entities can invest with us. You can also use funds from your 401k, IRA, etc. if their regulations allow for you to invest in real estate.

Can I invest from my retirement fund?

Yes, as long as it’s self-directed or otherwise allows you to invest in real property. Get started!

Where does SD Equity Partners do business?

SD Equity Partners lends for your projects in San Diego, CA. However as an investor, you can be anywhere in the country. If you’re an investor click here.

As a licensed broker, can I submit a loan to you?

Yes. Just go through the application process and identify yourself. We’ll be in touch.

What's the minimum investment amount?