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Our Story

SD Equity Partners is a small family company owned by Evan and Liila Harris of Poway, CA. Evan and Liila used to fix and flip properties themselves, but they decided to get into the financing side of the business once they had children. Unlike other hard money lenders, Evan and Liila know exactly what you’re going through since they’ve gone through it themselves.

Using their experience in the flipping industry, they’ve designed a loan program where the acquisition of the property is funded 100%. This frees up the funds a person would normally have to front as a down payment to be used for rehabbing the property instead. This eliminates all Fund Control, allowing the rehabber to pay off subs as needed and move quickly through their flips.

Our Promise

We promise to move quickly so that you may never miss out on a deal. We promise to act with integrity and be open and honest with you at every step of the transaction. We promise to treat all of our clients the same: with respect and transparency.

Where We Operate

We work in San Diego, Orange, and LA counties. We’ve recently started working in the Phoenix, Arizona market as well.

"We have used SD Equity Partners on a number of our properties and have been very happy with our experience. As a San Diego cash buyer, it’s imperative for us to have someone we can count on in our corner. We’ve found them to be the perfect mix as a partners: big enough to handle anything we throw at them with all the resources needed, but small enough to be nimble, always available, and perform at a very higher standard."

- Brian Mollo, Trusted House Buyers

Recently Funded Projects

San Diego Hard Money Lenders

At SD Equity Partners, we are the smart choice for financing your real estate transaction. If you want more than a 10% return on your money or you want to fund your real estate project with up to 100% financing then you’ve come to the right place. At SD Equity Partners, we partner with our clients to fund real estate investments.

We specialize in working with investors to provide hard money loans for rehabbers. We are proud to provide private money lending in a fast and flexible way to get your project off the ground and funded fast. Our happy clients are a testimony to our reputable, hard work in providing a source of hard money for real estate financing.

High Returns For Investors

We partner with investors who want to earn a high return on their funds. Investments are secured by the real estate trust deed(s) to the properties you invest in. You’ll receive higher returns without the stress of managing the rehab process yourself. We are here to help your investment grow and mitigate any risks involved.

We take pride in providing a reputable service to our investors and borrowers. Our work is to create value by connecting the dots to make money for investors and provide funding for borrowers. Individuals, partnerships, corporations and other legal entities all invest with us. You can even use funds from your 401k or IRA if it is authorized in your specific fund.

We create flexible opportunities to earn our investors higher returns on their money and reduce the risk and responsibilities that come with investment in real estate. By creating a streamlined and standard process, we have made real estate investment possible for a range of investors who want to make more with their money.

Fast & Flexible Hard Money Lending
for Borrowers

It is our goal to fund the redevelopment of America’s neighborhoods by providing the flexibility and speed that hard money lending offers. Allow us to help you capitalize on real estate opportunities. Our flexible funding will allow you to fix and flip your investment at a fair rate.

By providing us with a completed and accurate application, we can take as few as 7 days to get our San Diego hard money loans into your hands. We evaluate the criteria from the loan application and the quality of your deal as well as things like experience and resources. Most importantly, our requirements are less restrictive than standard financial institutions.

We know time is of the essence in turning an investment into profits. We also believe that Americans need more move-in ready homes on the market to satisfy the current demand for housing. We want to get you into your investment quick and make your vision a reality by being the most reliable San Diego hard money lender on the market.

Reliable and Trustworthy Lenders
for Residential Real Estate Rehabs

Our lending is focused on companies whose primary business is rehabbing single family, residential real estate. We think all your hard work deserves to retain the lion share of profits; we simply save you time so you can act fast and get your investment purchase ready. At SD Equity Partners, we share in the risk and allow you to keep the profits.

Why borrow from friends and family, or bring an expensive partner into the investment, when you can privately and professionally finance the cash you need to act fast on your investment. By working with residential investors and borrowers, we are putting money into American homes where we believe investors can earn the most while creating the most value for borrowers.

Let’s work together to fund your real estate investment the fast and simple way with a hard money loan at a reasonable rate. Don’t pass up your chance to work with San Diego’s premier hard money lenders today.

SD Equity Partners – Find Hard Money Loans for Your Real Estate Ventures


Hard Money Loans Serve as Flexible and Dependable Funding For a Variety of Real Estate Investments and Transactions

SD Equity Partners is a direct hard money lender and private money lender in California. Our San Diego hard money loans are funded through multiple sources of capital to ensure flexibility and reliability. We’re able to quickly fund San Diego hard money loan requests, enabling our clients to get started on their real estate aspirations immediately. As San Diego hard money lenders, SD Equity Partners understands the necessity of speed; we can provide funding much quicker than traditional lenders including banks and institutional lenders.

We offer short-term San Diego hard money loans for real estate investors involved in a wide array of real estate transactions. Whether you’re looking for San Diego rehab loans for a fix and flip, or need hard money funding for purchasing a short sale, you can find dependable financing from SD Equity Partners. From REOS to trustee sale refinances, working with trusted San Diego hard money lenders means getting on track to success sooner.

SD Equity Partners are first and foremost residential hard money lenders, but also fund commercial San Diego hard money loans. Our San Diego hard money lending practices are focused on companies whose primary business involves the rehab of residential real estate. These ventures are often time-dependent, and gaining access to quick funding is an integral factor to success. SD Equity Partners can save you time and ensure you have the financing you need to get started.

San Diego Hard Money Lending is a Better Option than Borrowing from Family and Friends

Many real estate buyers often look first to borrow money from family and friends. This move can result in friction, damaged relationships, and hard feelings should the real estate venture not produce expected results. Instead of mixing personal relationships with business, consider hard money loans in San Diego. Hard money lenders in San Diego understand the latest industry trends and regulations, and utilizing the services of an experienced San Diego hard money lender means your loan is exempt from usury laws. This provides you with further protection and takes out the guesswork that comes with examining disclosures and documents related to both federal and state law. Using an experienced, qualified hard money lender means avoid potential legal problems and vulnerabilities.

San Diego Hard Money Lenders Are Less Expensive Than Partners

Some real estate buyers turn to financial partners for assistance in funding a real estate transaction. While partnerships can provide quick access to capital, they’re also rife with risk and a loss of control. When working with a partner, the buyer often gives up much of the decision making power. In many cases, using a partner for funding can result in paying more; many financial partners require 50 percent of the profits when the property is finally sold. In contrast, using a San Diego hard money lender can provide quick financing, while the buyer can keep 100 percent of the profits made from the eventual sale of their investment property.

Private Money Loans – Private Money Lenders – Private Mortgage Lenders

Hard money lenders and private money lenders are synonymous; both provide real estate buyers and investors with private money loans that are guaranteed and secured by tangible real estate. Hard money lenders offer their funding through private means, unlike traditional institutions including banks.

Hard money lenders often refer to a private investor who has invested their personal capital in trust deeds. Hard money lenders are essentially lending firms; we aid borrowers in search of hard money loans, draft the necessary documents and disclosures, and then fund the loan itself. In general, private money lenders tend to limit their loans to business associates and personal contacts while hard money lenders offer loans to any borrower that fits within their requirements. However, hard money lenders and private money lenders are often interchangeable terms. Whether you’re looking for bridge loans in San Diego or need quick cash for a short sale, SD Equity Partners can help you access funding fast.

Hard Money Loans for Property Owners and Investors

SD Equity Partners specializes in providing hard money loans in San Diego. From Mission Beach to La Mesa, Escondido to Kearny Mesa, San Diego borrowers can find hard money loans with immediacy, often receiving approval and funding within seven days. We offer hard money loans across San Diego, including: La Jolla, Del Mar, Solana Beach, Encinitas, Ocean Beach , Point Loma, Downtown, Chula Vista, National City, El Cajon, Lakeside, La Mesa, San Carlos, Lemon Grove, Ramona, Alpine, Santee, Carlsbad, Oceanside, San Marcos, Vista, Rancho Bernardo, Rancho Penasquitos, Rancho Santa Fe, Mira Mesa, Miramar, Claremont, Sorrento Valley, Hillcrest, University City, and Julian. SD Equity Partners offers hard money lending throughout the great state of California.

Looking for a trustworthy and dependable hard money lender in San Diego? Contact SD Equity Partners now for more information and get funding for your real estate transaction.